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My daughter had been taking Piano lessons at school  (1st -3rd grade) and was not doing well. We changed instructors to Jo, and besides finding a great teacher, we found a friend.  Jo helped Jocelyn get over her fear of performing in public, even to the point of going to Districts two different years (and winning medals!).  Jocelyn stopped lessons for awhile, but decided on her own she wanted to take music again, so she is back now as an 8th grader taking group Guitar/Voice/Piano lessons. My older daughter also took voice lessons from Jo when trying (and succeeding) to win a place in her competitive high school Choir.
Jo Karl is a very educated and talented lady in all three areas, is dedicated to her craft, and really cares about the well being of her students, in addition to the progress they are making. I would recommend Jo as a teacher to anyone who loves music, and wants both the ability to play and that love to be passed on.

 Kathy Morris


Noah Hunter, age 6

I like piano lessons because it is fun.  My favorite part is playing the piano.  Jo is a good teacher because she is really smart and she tells us really good things.  Jo sometimes gives us hard papers to practice but she has us go slow so we can learn.  I like to play the games too.


Brandan Hunter, age 9

I like piano lessons because it is fun.  My favorite part is playing the piano and the guitar. I like having Jo for a teacher because she is nice and she makes me feel smart.  I like the way Jo explains things to me and the class.  Jo helps us with the guitar and hard papers that we get.  The games are really fun because she lets us have teams and sometimes the class is one giant team.   I like the theory worksheets because some of them are like puzzles and some are tricky.

My child is 7 and a beginner when it comes to music.  Jo starts the children out at a pace and level appropriate for their age.  My daughter never feels overwhelmed, but she continues to learn more at every lesson.  Cayla loves going to piano/guitar lessons every week.  Learning about music with Jo has inspired my daughter to write a few songs of her own, opening up a lot of creativity and a real appreciation for music.

Camie Williby