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Parents Responsibility


The success of the young student depends on the dedication and encouragement of the parent as much as the skill and personality of the teacher. 


I cannot stress enough the importance of the parent's role in the progress of a young student.

1.  If there is a morale problem, please inform me before it is too late.  There are many diversions that can be taken to retain interest.

2.  Read the student' s practice schedule each week and initial that you agree with the amount of time the student has practiced. A child's

love for an instrument is directly proportionate to the time spent practicing.

3.  Have your piano tuned at least once a year.  It is imperative that you/your child hear the correct pitches.  If your child has begun lessons with a small keyboard, consider an acoustic piano or a full-sized electronic keyboard with weighted keys at a later date.  A sound modulator is a good way to add variety.

4.  Spend time in music stores. Let students try different instruments and look at sheet music. Purchase sheet music to build a personal library. Subscribe to music magazines. Ask me for a list of suitable sheet music for their age.

 5.  Explore the Polley Music Library at the Bennet Martin Library.  Library staff can be quite helpful. See both recordings and sheet music.

6.  Have your child listen to genres of music. Take them to the fine concerts Lincoln has to offer. (Many are free!).  Listening is the key to excellent performing.

8.  Sing songs together.  Play duets together.


9.  Encourage the student to play in Church or accompany in the school chorus.


10.  Attend as many live performances as possible.